How can you help end slavery? How do you make sure that the human dignity of all people is respected? Get involved! Mobilize your friends, family, faith community, neighbors, coworkers, and classmates. We need you. There’s a role for everyone. We can make a difference if everyone does their part.

The following is a list of resources that you can use as you learn more about slavery. Many of these resources are U.S. based, and we will be adding international links as they become available.

Tools including downloadable posters, imagery to be used, and much more will be added to this section in March.

“When I was working in the field I’d bring candles with me. And with the help of my translator I told the people I was photographing that I would illuminate their stories and their plight…I hope these images will awaken a force in people who view them. People like you. I hope that force will ignite a fire and that fire will shine a light on slavery. For without that light, the beast of bondage will continue to live in the shadows.”

Lisa Kristine • Photographer/Founder, Human Thread Foundation