How can you help end slavery? How do you make sure that the human dignity of all people is respected? Get involved! Mobilize your friends, family, faith community, neighbors, coworkers, and classmates. We need you. There’s a role for everyone. We can make a difference if everyone does their part.

Every time humanity has taken a giant step forward – be it the civil rights movement, women’s right to vote, or the historical anti-slavery movements – it has been because people from all walks of life cared enough to stand up, speak their minds, and do something.

The world needs to be changed some more. Slavery exists and must end. We are slowly encroaching on the lives of indigenous peoples, diluting their cultures. Refugees flee tyranny across the globe, only to be met with disdain and abuse.

We ALL must be part of the solution. What are YOU going to do?

“There’s no other way than seeing [this] work that one can actually get into the kilns, the fishing industries, the garment industries, and the industries deep in the desert and deep in the forest so that nobody can be found while people are working 24/7 for nothing. It’s through the work of people like Lisa Kristine that the world gets to see the other things that are going on around the globe as we’re living our lives in our apartments and at our jobs and with choice. These people don’t have choice.”

Gillian Anderson • Actress


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Following us on social media will help you spread the word, so like, @mention and RT us today.


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We are all connected.
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